Thursday, December 29, 2011

THE ARTIST 12/29/11

Saw The Artist today and thought it was a beautifully directed, delicate film which was also conceptually fascinating - playing with silent film allusions and the beginning of talkies. There are many historical references, yet it had an interesting contemporary feel which made the film non-conventional. The acting was superb. Jean Dujardin - the male lead who reminded me of a cross between David Niven and Clark Gable, had a smile that epitomized the term dashing and was also very contagious - I waited for that smile and gushed whenever I saw it. Berenice Bejo, the female lead moved her body and limbs in ways that might have been a caricature of a silent film vamp - but was lithe and poignant - so here again the idiosyncratic nature of the movie quelled its sentimental tale. I could feel the chemistry between the performers and their love story was rare in our age of short-term faithfulness and commitment. Supporting actors- a slimmed down John Goodman, James Cameron and UGGIE the wonderful Asta-type terrier contributed to the Chaplin-esque mood of the film.
Shot in black and white there was not a murmur in the movie house. Just wonderful and a film I will definitely see again.

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