Thursday, December 29, 2011

THE ARTIST 12/29/11

Saw The Artist today and thought it was a beautifully directed, delicate film which was also conceptually fascinating - playing with silent film allusions and the beginning of talkies. There are many historical references, yet it had an interesting contemporary feel which made the film non-conventional. The acting was superb. Jean Dujardin - the male lead who reminded me of a cross between David Niven and Clark Gable, had a smile that epitomized the term dashing and was also very contagious - I waited for that smile and gushed whenever I saw it. Berenice Bejo, the female lead moved her body and limbs in ways that might have been a caricature of a silent film vamp - but was lithe and poignant - so here again the idiosyncratic nature of the movie quelled its sentimental tale. I could feel the chemistry between the performers and their love story was rare in our age of short-term faithfulness and commitment. Supporting actors- a slimmed down John Goodman, James Cameron and UGGIE the wonderful Asta-type terrier contributed to the Chaplin-esque mood of the film.
Shot in black and white there was not a murmur in the movie house. Just wonderful and a film I will definitely see again.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2009 Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was MUCH MUCH better than this one. I have seen all 3 of the Swedish series. The 2009 acting was edgier - the pacing much more intense and the woman who played Lisbeth - Noomi Rapace was an actress who I could not take my eyes off and wanted to see in every scene. she was transfixing. The snow and light of Northern Sweden was unforgettable - and the villains were nastier and also memorable.
David Fincher the director of this version kept jump-cutting from Lisbeth's story to his own story so I could predict - like with my soap operas - at what point they would switch over. Very obvious.

I actually almost fell asleep and was secretly chomping on dark chocolate hoping the caffeine would keep me up

Monday, December 26, 2011

WAR HORSE 12/26/11

My sister and her hubby drove me to see WAR HORSE - Spielberg's new film. Well I gave it a rating of B-/C+. Best actor in film was the horse. It is Horsie Come Home through the minefields of war and surviving because of the kindness of strangers. The cinematography as well as the plot was predictable and conventional. An old-fashioned film and the crowds at the 12:00 noon show loved it. Now why don't they love the anti-war message which did not come across too loud and clear to me despite what NY Times A.O. Scott wrote. It is ambitious going through pre-WWI through 1918 armistice but you would not learn much history about why, what and where of this - another unnecessary war.