Sunday, October 16, 2016


AMERICAN HONEY is an excellent movie - a "road trip" through the mid-west with a bus load of "innocents" (a tour bus of 20 teens and young adults) banding together making money selling magazines door-to-door spewing sly tales of loss, death and poverty, invoking pity to increase sales. At the same time displaying all the wild craziness and camaraderie of youth with their feeling of invincibility and a fierce sense of defying death which the sense of infallibility generates. 

Driving through the American landscape including the suburbs, the vast dry plains of Kansas and Nebraska, the fast food restaurants blinking inviting lights off the sides of the road, the flame lit pumping oil fields, and the ever-present homes that are drowning in poverty - all exposing the abundant layers of disparity in our country. 

 Like romping puppy dogs the "kids" nuzzle, jump over, and wrestle with one another and occasionally bite. Beautifully filmed and acted by Shia LaBoeuf and Sasha Lane -performances filled with bravado veiling the beauty of fragility.

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