Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I am mesmerized by the Netflix series MAKING A MURDERER - the title is open to many interpretations - does it refer to the corrupt system that wrongfully imprisoned a man for 18 years - does that "make" a murderer; is it the pinpointing of an individual without investigating other potential suspects - "criminal tunnel vision" in revenge for a suit brought against local county officials "make" a murderer; or are Mr. Steven Avery and his nephew the murderers of a horrific crime committed 2 years after DNA exonerated Mr. Avery of the first offense?
Questions about class and "justice"; the fascination of watching a trial in progress - the process revealed - the time, expense, and terrible emotional costs to all the families involved are part of this intense viewing experience - a documentary that is still unravelling.
Truth can be slippery and fragile to grasp. MAKING A MURDERER is profoundly sad; a stunning portrait of the "powerless" pursued by those who have institutional power to alter the trajectory of their lives. Mis-steps are brutal and unforgiving.

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