Sunday, April 7, 2013


I never realized that being a sperm donor could be such a lucrative way of making money, particularly if you are a habitual “contributor.” STARBUCK directed by Ken Scott (V), introduces us to the young David Wozniak – code name Starbuck masturbating in the act of donating sperm in a fertility clinic near his home in Quebec. Twenty years later we soon discover that this prolific tool-handler has become a perpetual “misfit,” lovable but constantly screwing up, working in the Wozniak family butcher shop driving a truck delivering meat - the only job he can do fairly well. Hmmmmmm.

This charming, sloppily sentimental, comedy/drama erupts – oh dear! when the Fertility Clinic is sued by 142 of the 533 products of his seed, who want to know the identity of their biological father. Therein lies the tale – should Starbuck identify himself or not. There are many contrivances in this movie such as David being given the dossier of each of his brood; the film focuses on how he follows/stalks  a few of them just at the right moment when his presence alters their lives. YES quite corny, but what saves this movie from total bathos is the performance of Patrick Huard (who reminded me of a youthful Gerard Depardieu) whose likeability factor shone through and kept me in my seat, though I must admit I kept worrying that I would have to sit through 142 separate encounters …luckily that did not occur. My popcorn was almost finished after about 4 meet-ups. This fairy tale of an eccentric “loser” maturing into a caring “winner” ends with a predictable progeny group- hug and love fest.

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